A Durable, Improved Exhaust Upgrade You Can Depend on For Years

Once the domain of racing enthusiasts and tuners, aftermarket exhausts are now a mainstay among Aston Martin owners of every stripe. There are two key reasons for this:

Firstly, an aftermarket exhaust system that replaces all pipework from your catalytic converter back to your tailpipe can (and will) dramatically improve the overall performance of your car.

This is because so-called “cat-back” exhaust systems make it easier for exhaust gases to move away from your engine’s combustion chamber; improving airflow and increasing the amount of oxygen which has a knock-on effect on the efficiency of the combustion process.

Secondly, replacing your stock exhaust system can substantially improve your engine note. Modern Astons are beautiful cars; characterised by elegant lines and broad shoulders, but some model variants - including the 2005-2008 V8 Vantages - don’t have the robust acoustic profile you might expect from such a powerful and commanding vehicle.

Aston Martin Exhaust Upgrades

Good aftermarket exhaust systems use an array of finely-tuned resonating chambers, valves and mufflers to drive subtle improvements to your stock engine note: Giving a fuller, richer tone that’s guaranteed to turn heads and leave a lasting impression.

As Aston Martin specialists with over 30 years experience with the marque, we’re ideally placed to help you upgrade your stock exhaust. We are intimately familiar with the intricacies of the fitting process and we always supply and fit exhausts made by premium manufacturers with a proven track record.

In fact, we only supply and fit robust exhaust systems made from 304 grade stainless steel, titanium or inconel to ensure that all of our clients enjoy many years of improved performance, without worrying about the durability of their new exhaust system.

Is It Safe to Upgrade My Aston Martin’s Exhaust System?

It’s perfectly natural to worry about replacing your Aston Martin’s stock exhaust system. Modern Aston Martins are a serious investment and most people buy them on the premise that they’ll get to drive them for a significant amount of time.

But rest assured that replacing your car’s stock exhaust system is a safe and straightforward operation. Gaydon-era Aston Martins all use one of three types of stock exhaust system, with four distinct sections.

The fact that Aston Martin have always stuck with these three, very similar, systems means that aftermarket exhaust manufacturers have had years to fine-tune their designs – perfecting layouts, bracket positioning etc to guarantee a snug fit that accounts for the peculiarities of your car’s underside design.

And the familiarity of these systems also means that it’s very easy for our technicians to replace any given section of your car’s exhaust. As Aston Martin restoration specialists with over three decades of in-house experience, we’re the safe pair of hands you want for this kind of upgrade.

Modern Aston Martin Exhaust Upgrades

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