1980 Aston Martin V8, 7.3L Restoration

Aston Martin V8, 7.3L


Mr and Mrs L., Aston Martin enthusiasts with several Aston Martins in their collection.

1980 Aston Martin V8, 7.3L Restoration

A Very Special Aston Martin Restoration Project

This 1980 V8 car was converted to X-Pack specification by Hyde Vale Aston Martin in the late ‘80s. The current owner bought the car in 1999 and used it regularly, but it was starting to show signs of wear and was starting to corrode in all the usual places. It turned into a very special Aston Martin restoration project.

V8 Aston Martin Restoration

Future-Proof For Grand Touring Please!

The owner decided he wanted to restore the car, but at the same time, future proof it by engineering out the potential for corrosion issues to reoccur. At the same time, he decided to make the car more suited to grand touring, his intended use for it. Given how much he enjoyed the DB6 Vantage, we suggested upgrading the DB5 to a DB5 Vantage, and he didn’t need much convincing. The project started.

Restoring For Beauty, Strength And Durability 

As part of the restoration, stainless steel was used extensively on the areas of the chassis that commonly corrode. This work was done in such a way as to avoid any galvanic corrosion.

As part of the customer’s desire to make the car a grand touring mile-muncher, it was decided to increase the capacity of the engine from 5.3L to 7.3L. This increase in size was done to deliver more torque, rather than just raw power. The new engine power is delivered to the wheels through an auto differential ratio for maximum strength and durability.

Increasing Engine Capacity V8 Aston Martin Restoration

Other modifications carried out were the installation of the Pugsley & Lewis Aston Martin V8 brake upgrade and an improvement to the suspension using rose-joints.

Finally, the car was finished in black with a red interior. Although this wasn’t standard with this car, it is a recognised colour combination in the AM V8. I’m sure you’ll agree, the finished vehicle looks fantastic and is just what the customer wanted. 

We've got more pictures of this outstanding car in our gallery.

The Last Word

Despite all these changes including the stainless steel, the larger engine capacity, the improved brakes and the modifications to the steering, the car still looks pretty much standard.

More importantly, the car is a joy to own and drive. On one particularly long continental excursion, the owners reported covering 900 miles and getting out of the car feeling as fresh as if they’d covered 50 miles. This car is truly stunning.

The Last Word in V8 Restorations

Last Seen

The car was last seen taking its owners at a leisurely pace along the coastal route from Nice to Monaco and of course, we see it in the Pugsley & Lewis workshop for regular servicing and work when necessary.