Trusted Diagnostic and Repair Services for Exhaust Problems

Modern Aston Martins are generally well-built cars that are designed to be driven con passione. But even the most robust and durable vehicles will have their fair share of foibles – and for the majority of modern Astons, exhaust problems are a surprisingly common and persistent issue.

The manifold on the DB7 Coupe is notoriously prone to cracking, V8 Vantages (2005-present) and DB9s often roll into our workshop with clogged catalytic converters and we’ve also dealt with a number of leaky and corroded exhaust systems too.

To some extent, you could say that these issues are a natural consequence of Aston Martin’s build philosophy: The Gaydon-era Astons are all shipped with one of three mass-produced exhaust systems that do a relatively good job of optimising performance, but drop the ball when it comes to long-term durability and corrosion resistance.

Aston Martin Exhaust Repairs

But some issues - like the problem with stuck exhaust bypass valves that plague most modern Astons - are also the result of individual parts that aren’t really fit for purpose. In this case, it’s the vacuum diaphragm and flapper valve itself that gets gummed up by corrosion and/or the build up of fuel contaminants.

Luckily, these parts are relatively easy to replace. In fact, the overwhelming majority of exhaust issues can be fixed in good time – assuming that you have the in-house expertise and equipment necessary to get the car in question up on a lift, diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs.

With over three decades of Aston-specific experience, we’re ideally placed to offer through diagnostic and repair services for any exhaust problems. Ultimately, we’re Aston Martin restoration specialists with very specialised domain knowledge and an eye for the fine detail.

Replacement Exhausts Designed to Go The Distance

After years of working to restore older DB4s, 5s and 6s, we’re used to swapping rusted, corroded or broken parts for brand-new (OEM or better) replacements that are designed to go the distance – and provide years of hassle-free motoring.

This experience is easily applied to modern Astons, and our technicians are more than happy to work on the exhaust systems of any DBS, Rapide, Vantage, DB7 or DB9.

Modern Aston Martin Exhaust Repairs

What’s Involved In An Aston Martin Exhaust Repair?

Over the past 30 years, we’ve developed a proven process for resolving exhaust related issues: Once we’ve brought your car into our dedicated workshop, we’ll set to work diagnosing the problem: plugging into your car’s diagnostic port and checking for exhaust-related fault codes before lifting your vehicle up on a ramp so that we can carry out a full visual inspection of your exhaust system.

Once we’ve isolated the problem, we’ll either repair or replace the damaged section and carry out any other remedial work needed to get your vehicle back to full health. This may include completely removing parts of your exhaust system from the vehicle and replacing them with OEM parts, or upgrading your system with aftermarket exhaust parts with superior durability.

From start to finish, we’ll ensure that your Aston is treated with the care and reverence it deserves. We’ll also ensure that you're kept fully up to date with our progress, and that you’re given time to think over any decisions before giving us the green light. Anything less would be falling short of our commitment to excellent service.

Want To Talk To An Aston Martin Exhaust Specialist?

If you’d like to talk to one of our technicians, just fill in the form below. They’ll be able to talk through your issues and explain how we’d be able to help. We’re a knowledgeable outfit with the domain expertise needed to tackle any Aston Martin exhaust problems, but we pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable too.