Aston Martin Gearbox Conversions

We're all about respecting the heritage and authenticity of your classic Aston Martin, but we also recognise you want to enjoy your car. By discussing your requirements and understanding how you want to enjoy your Aston Martin, we can help you choose the right gearbox modification.

We can convert an automatic Aston Martin gearbox to a manual or a manual to an automatic, but our service covers more than just the technical work involved.

We can advise on the implications of carrying out this significant modification including the future saleability and value of your car. It's this holistic approach that makes us different.

Once we've discussed your options and the implications, we'll help in the search for a gearbox and carry out the conversion.

If you'd like to discuss how we can modify your classic Aston Martin's gearbox to make the car what you want it to be, call us on +44 020 8776 5577 or fill out our contact form.