Our Expertise Keeps Your Aston Martin Tyres In Peak Condition

Whether you drive a modern Aston Martin or a classic, you will need new tyres from time to time. This could simply be down to wear and tear or, in the case of some classics that are not being driven very often, expected tyre degradation such as cracking.

Instead of worrying about your car being incorrectly jacked up or mistreated, simply drop it off with us, and we'll do the job right.

Aston Martin Tyres Professionally Fitted and Balanced

First, your car will never leave our workshop, so you will have the peace of mind that it's in good Aston Martin specialist hands.

new tyre for aston martin

We'll remove the wheels, have your pre-ordered tyres fitted and balanced, and then, before refitting, we'll thoroughly clean the wheels both inside and outside. So your wheels will always be with one of our team.

Need Your Aston Martin Wheels Refurbishing?

If you'd like any blemishes or scuffs taken care of while having your new tyres fitted, we've got you covered. Before dropping your car off, we'll make sure everything is lined up so, with the minimum of inconvenience, your wheels will be in perfect order, complete with new tyres, when you come to collect it.

At Pugsley & Lewis, we know how much your car means to you. So our tyre replacement service has been designed to ensure that even this, the most mundane of jobs, is carried out to perfection.

Refurbished Aston Martin wheels and tyres refitted

Aston Martin Tyre Selection Advice

Finally, suppose you're unsure about the best tyres for your car. In that case, we'll use our decades of Aston Martin experience to ensure you get the ones suitable for your vehicle and how you drive it.

So just call us for a chat before booking your car in and leave the rest to your friendly and reliable independent Aston Martin specialists, Pugsley & Lewis.

Want To Talk Tyres With An Aston Martin Specialist?

We’re always happy to help. Simply reach out using the form below and someone will be in touch to discuss your Aston Martin's tyres.

As one of the UK’s foremost independent Aston Martin workshops, we’re the safe pair of hands your car deserves.