Aston Martin Electronic Power Assisted Steering

Aston Martin DB4's, DB5's DB6's are iconic classic sports cars. However, the steering can be a little on the heavy side, something that's more noticeable on twisty roads at low speeds.

The solution is electronic power assisted steering. This discreet enhancement, noticeable only as a small control knob mounted under the main instrument binnacle, makes your Aston more enjoyable to drive. You'll find your car more nimble around town and country lanes and the kit, which can be turned off when desired, has five settings to accommodate your driving style.

If originality concerns you, especially if you decide to sell your car, don't worry. The kit is simple to remove leaving your classic Aston Martin in 100% original condition.

If you'd like to discuss how we can help make your classic Aston more driveable with our electronic power assisted steering, call us on +44 020 8776 5577 or fill out our contact form.