Maintenance, Servicing And Restorations of Classic Aston Martins

Looking after classic Aston Martins is what we do best. It is where we started 30 years ago and what we specialise in whether it’s maintaining and servicing, or restoration. Our focus is on helping you get the very best from your classic Aston Martin and making it a pleasure to drive and own.

An Encyclopedic Knowledge of Aston Martins

At the Pugsley & Lewis Aston Martin garage and workshop, we look after every car as if it were our own. From the most intricate leatherwork repairs to servicing, enhancements and complete restorations, we know exactly what to do to make your Aston Martin owner-experience the very best it can be.

From Tim’s genius when it comes to getting these cars to run better than when they were new and Martin’s huge knowledge when it comes to anything mechanical, every member of our team is highly trained and skilled in Aston Martins with an encyclopedic knowledge of these cars. We know exactly what should be where and how it should look, from the right shade of green for the oil filter bowl to whether something should be plated or chromed.

Authenticity Matters

We know the cars inside and out and because we understand that the authenticity of a classic Aston Martin is of paramount importance to its owner, we will repair where others will replace. Attention to detail in every respect means our clients come back to us time and again for advice and help.