Aston Martin V8 Brake Kit

Good brakes make a car go faster. No really! The more effective your brakes, the less you need to use them, and if you own an Aston Martin V8, you'll know what we mean.

To make your V8 more enjoyable, we'll make the overall braking efficiency much better. Our Aston Martin V8 brake kit makes those interesting moments a thing of the past, even when your brakes are cold.

Our kit uses a brake pad compound and caliper that overcomes this cars standard brakes shortcomings. Our kit gives you more confidence in your V8's braking system allowing you to enjoy the car more, and our kit is as good from cold as it is from hot.

This case study on a V8 brake upgrade we carried out for one of our clients demonstrates how transformational this kit can be for V8's and their drivers!

If you'd like to discuss how we can help make your classic Aston Martin V8 more driveable and enjoyable with a V8 brake upgrade, call us on +44 020 8776 5577 or fill out our contact form.