Our Aston Martin Experts will Help you Make the Right Decision

Buying an Aston Martin

Your reasons for buying an Aston Martin may be many, including investment and the best thing is that this is an investment you can also enjoy and have fun with! The classic cars, when properly maintained, are a joy to drive and this is where we come in. If you’ve found, or are in the market to buy a used Aston Martin, speak to us beforehand and ask our advice. We’ll help you understand more about the different models and what to look out for when you’re looking for the best Aston Martin investment for you. Let us be part of your research so you buy the best you can.

Pre-Purchase and Inspection Report

When you find your car we offer an Aston Martin pre-purchase and inspection service. Ideally, this takes place at our premises and we will give you a comprehensive verbal report about the car, any work likely to be needed soon and any suggestions for improvement. Contact us to arrange a report.

Selling Your Aston Martin

If you are thinking of selling your classic Aston Martin please contact us. We often know of customers looking for a particular car and, where possible, will help to arrange a sale. For various reasons people may want to sell their car discreetly without advertising it, just contact us on 020 8776 5577 or use our Contact Form.

We also offer advice on storage and brokerage.