Converting An Aston Martin DB5 To A DB5 Vantage

Aston Martin DB5


Pugsley & Lewis initially. We’d found a 1963 DB5 in need of restoration and decided to run it as a Pugsley & Lewis in-house restoration project.

Converting An Aston Martin DB5 To A DB5 Vantage

It All Started When...

No sooner had we taken delivery of the car we got an enquiry from a customer keen to buy a DB5. He came in to see it and when we advised we could restore it to his exact requirements a deal was agreed. The restoration project went well and our customer, Adam, took delivery of a gleaming Aston Martin DB5 in James Bond replica trim, needless to say, he loved it.

DB5 Badge on a Silver Aston Martin

Can You Improve on Perfection?

Over the next 8 years or so the car was enjoyed by Adam, only returning to us for regular checking and servicing. During this time Adam bought a DB6 Mk II Vantage, also restored by us, and remarked on how much he enjoyed driving it. As an aside, he bought the DB6 because he knew we’d restored it, such was his faith in the standard of our work.

Given how much he enjoyed the DB6 Vantage, we suggested upgrading the DB5 to a DB5 Vantage, and he didn’t need much convincing. The project started.

Requires a Real Appreciation Of The Refinement Process

As fans of Aston Martin know, the “Vantage” model is always the more spirited version. With the DB5 Vantage, the additional performance comes from Weber carbs and a higher lift inlet cam.

So, we started by taking the cylinder head off and fitting a new Vantage camshaft and inlet valves. We also fitted 3 new inlet manifolds and 3 Weber carburetters along with a new airbox and all the necessary linkages.

Inside engine shot of Aston Martin DB5 being converted to a DB5 Vantage

While the head was off, we fixed a small leak on the timing cover, a job that’s much easier with the cylinder head removed, and that, apart from tuning and testing, was it. It’s worth noting that with this project, we didn’t add the Vantage badges, but this is an option for those who want them.

With the conversion completed, we set about tuning the car. Now, incredible though these cars are, the DB5 Vantage has got something of a reputation for being a bit lumpy around town, after all, it is a thoroughbred! The good news is, with a combination of modern tuning techniques and our Aston Martin expertise this is no longer the case.

The Last Word

The result is a quite superb DB5 Vantage that’s every bit as happy and as much fun to drive in town as it is on the open road.

Adam’s delighted and is now the proud owner of an even more desirable DB5, not to mention the increase in value. It’s a car that 007 himself, or possibly herself (depending on when you’re reading this) would be proud of, especially with its new private number plate.

An Aston Martin DB5 converted to a DB5 Vantage