Aston Martin Aluminium Radiators

Has your classic Aston Martin ever overheated? If it has, you'll know it's at the very least an inconvenience and at worst something that can damage the engine leading to an expensive repair bill.

Furthermore, a hot or overheating engine loses performance and takes away from your driving pleasure.

Given the amount of heat generated by your Aston Martin’s high-performance engine, overheating in a traffic jam or after motorway driving is almost inevitable, but we've got the solution.

Our efficient aluminium radiator means less heat is retained in the engine resulting in higher performance and no overheating.

Painted black for authenticity it's a must-have addition for any Aston Martin that's driven with purpose and we fit them to the DB4,5,6, DBS 6 cyl, DBS V8, V8, V8 Vantage. Basically all Astons from 1956 to 1989.

If you'd like to discuss how we can make sure your classic Aston Martin keeps its cool no matter how you drive it, call us on +44 020 8776 5577 or fill out our contact form.