Trusted Care for Out-of-Warranty Aston Martins

Are you considering your options for servicing your out-of-warranty Aston Martin? Make sure you consider an independent Aston specialist like us.

If you've enjoyed the peace of mind of driving your Aston with a warranty, you may be concerned about what happens now that the contract's ending. But there's no need.

We delved more deeply into some of the options available to Aston Martin owners once their vehicle is out of warranty a short while ago, but the bottom line is that an independent specialist is an extremely cost-effective way to continue enjoying your car without paying main dealer expenses.

Modern Aston Martin

As cars get older, components wear out and need repairing and replacing. This is true no matter what car you drive; cars are more prone to failure as they age.

Regular servicing per the manufacturer's recommendations is one way to avoid potentially expensive repairs. This becomes even more effective if a specialist carries out the work.

As independent Aston Martin specialists, we're perfectly placed to service and look after out-of-warranty cars and here's why.

Although any qualified independent garage could change your oil and filters, it's unlikely they will have an in-depth knowledge of your Aston. This is not the case with independent specialist garages like ours.

For over 30 years, we've been fixing, restoring and caring for Aston's and only Astons. As a result, we know every car intimately, from early DBs to modern classics like the DB7 and modern era V8 Vantage.

We're not just changing the oil and checking the disc pads when we service an out-of-warranty modern Aston Martin. Instead, we're looking at all the areas of the car that we know need to be checked to give you the confidence you need that your vehicle is the best it can be.

An independent Aston specialist will ensure potential problems don't arise because of carefully planned maintenance and upgrades. In short, we'll look after your car as if it was our own and help you to enjoy your Aston long after your warranty has run out.

Aston Martin Out Of Warranty Servicing

Want to Discuss Out-of-Warranty Care & Servicing for Your Aston?

So if your Aston Martin warranty has ended, don't worry; we'll help you enjoy your car for years without breaking the bank. To find out more, simply fill in the form at the bottom of this page, and we'll get in touch to discuss your requirements.

One last thing. If you're considering a second-hand Aston, why not let us inspect it for you before purchase. Our Aston Martin pre-purchase inspection service will make sure you get into the Aston that's right for you.

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