A Drop of Burgundy? Or Do You Prefer Green?

It's a question of personal preference, but when you want to maintain authenticity as well as enhancing the look of a vehicle, you really need to get into the detail.

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In this instalment, we're diving into the thrilling tale of a classic beauty that's going through a jaw-dropping transformation right here in our workshop.

At the time of writing, this V8 Volante is on rollers, completely stripped down, and the suspension has been removed so we can work on it. The engine is actually in great condition so that's not coming out, but we are giving it a thorough clean to ensure every inch sparkles like new. Incidentally, along with all its other attributes, this is a very nice car and an excellent example of its type with a manual gearbox and so on.

V8 in green

It's also time now to mask it up and do the underside with underseal to protect from damage and make it sound underneath - before we put the rear and front suspension back on. By the way, the stone chip protection from this rubberised seal is a step beyond underseal. With older cars, this is an after-market application since these vehicles didn't come off the production line with that level of protection; certainly not to the degree we can accomplish on a project like this.

The big transformation we speak of is far more significant than any of the above. You may have caught mention of masking up earlier? This is because the car has just recently returned from the paintshop. It came to us dressed in a slightly underwhelming burgundy red coat, with a really nice cream interior. But the burgundy is one of those old colours and it doesn't really pop.

Green AM V8

The owner wanted a complete paint project doing on it and during the decision-making process, we advised him to consider a different colour. It was finally decided to go with a stunning shade of green and now, it really does pop - and then some!

The icing on the cake includes changes we're making to finer details, like the switches for example and some very detailed trimming work. The previous owner had the switches modified, so we've put them back to original Aston Martin ones for both value and authenticity. Having said that, it's all down to personal preference, but if, as in this case, originality is important as well as gaining maximum benefit from the investment, we are happy to guide accordingly.

The trimmer has got everything needed to start the trimming which usually involves some work at his premises and depending on the job, some work at the P&L workshop. For example, because it's a Volante, we might take the car down in the trailer for him to fit the roof to make sure it all goes together perfectly. There's a lot of back and forth with the trimming because every stitch and trim has to be meticulously crafted to ensure a perfect fit. There are also various specialists who are skilled in a particular aspect of the work. So it makes sense that for some elements of the work, like the roof, we take the back and forth and any guesswork out of the equation.

We're in a good place now to get this car back in the hands of the owner in the spring which is great because he'll have the use of it for the summer. 

We're also working on a nice DB5 that's come in for a couple of enhancements, namely power steering and air conditioning. It's usual for the owner of an older car to have a nice modern car to drive every day, and these of course offer every comfort imaginable.

Power steering for Aston Martin DB5

However, if you spend £300,000 on a car that no-one wants to go in with you because they can't face sitting sweltering in the sun, it's not going to be the kind of driving you or they were dreaming of. These are enhancements for any classic Aston Martin that make driving pleasant, and they don't spoil the look of the car. When it comes to these classics, comfort is key, and we're here to make every ride a joyous one.

DB5 silver

The olive green Aston Martin story we've been following continues to unfold, and our latest update is that we're putting the window frames in. Once that's done, the windows will go in. We're still working under the hood as you can see from the picture - it's a long process but that's because like everything to do with achieving perfection, it requires time, patience, and a lot of skill. We'll continue to keep you posted.

Aston Martin with Engine Under Restoration

Join us next time for another little adventure in the P&L workshop, where every twist and turn brings us one step closer to Aston Martin perfection!

Originality is important as well as gaining maximum benefit from your investment, we are always happy to provide guidance.