We Love Being Independent Aston Martin Specialists. Here's Why.

Why We Love Being Independent Aston Martin Specialists

In our opinion, pretty much every Aston Martin is a thing of beauty and a work of art. But unlike most works of art that can only be appreciated by looking at them, with an Aston you get into it, you drive it; you enjoy it.

For that reason alone, there should be little wonder why we love being independent Aston Martin specialists. But it’s more than that, a lot more. P&L founders Martin Pugsley and Tim Lewis have been around Astons their entire working lives, the last 30 plus of these spent running Pugsley & Lewis. Despite that, going to work still isn’t a chore because as the saying goes, if you can make money doing something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

aston martin db5

Pretty much everyone who comes to P&L’s Kings Hall Works says they’d love to work here, there’s such a great vibe that comes from being surrounded by classic Aston Martins.

However, P&L is not driven by some misty-eyed nostalgic love of the past; it’s way more visceral. We’re driven to keep Astons from all eras, and especially those from the DB4 onwards, alive, kicking and the best they can be.

DB7 eng var 1

As Tim says “When we return an Aston to its owner after working on it, and they tell us it’s never driven as well, and they wished they’d come to us sooner, well, it’s a great feeling”. And that’s the essence of Pugsley & Lewis; we’re all about turning out cars that encourage their owners to drive more and worry less.

Being an independent Aston specialist also helps us to provide fantastic value to our customers. We don’t solve problems by simply bolting on new parts; we take a much more holistic and sympathetic view.

If we can repair something, we’ll do it, and over the years being exposed to 1000’s of Aston Martins means we’re experienced at repairing pretty much anything.

DB6 Engine

This includes sorting out gnarly problems that some main dealers are reluctant to undertake. Bolts that won’t move, rust that needs cutting out and repairing and previous restoration work that wasn’t up to scratch. These are all bread and butter jobs to an independent Aston Martin garage like us; if something needs unpicking and putting right, we’re the people to do it.

DB6 Eng Rest

Lots of people dream of being their own boss, shaping an organisation the way they want to and taking the business in an exciting direction. If you add the name Aston Martin into this mix, it’s easy to see the attraction, and this is precisely what Martin and Tim have done.

From a customer and Aston Martin owner’s point of view, this all translates into a first-class experience. For classic Aston owners, it’s like having the original main dealer looking after your car, and for modern Aston Martin owners who want to keep their vehicles beyond the standard warranty period, it brings the peace of mind that only comes from having your car looked after by people who understand and love Astons.

DB5 wheel before after

If you come to our garage on any day of the week, you’ll see a mix of classic and modern Aston Martin cars being repaired, restored and upgraded. Whether it’s a DB6 barn find getting a full engine and body nuts and bolts restoration, a classic V8 getting its brakes upgraded or a modern Vantage getting a new clutch, the work’s getting done by someone who loves Aston Martins.

DB7 eng var 2

P&L has a depth of experience and knowledge that puts us in an elite group of independent Aston Martin specialists. If you’d like to discuss any Aston Martin repair, restoration or upgrade work for your classic or modern Aston, either give us a call or fill in the form at the bottom of this page. Our reputation is built on engineering excellence and first-class customer service; we look forward to looking after your Aston Martin.

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