Has Your Aston Martin Got Squeaky Brakes? Here’s The Fix

Here’s The Fix For Your Aston Martin With Squeaky Brakes!

Recently, we were talking to the owner of a modern Aston Martin. He’d previously owned a classic Aston but wanted to try a newer car, so he bought one.

An Embarrassing Squeak!

First impressions of the car were excellent, he loved it, but one thing about it annoyed him, the squeaky brakes. This squeaking was not only annoying; it was embarrassing, and he was worried there could be a more serious problem causing it, after all, brakes shouldn’t squeak!

At Pugsley & Lewis, we know that squeaky brakes are a common problem on modern Aston Martins, specifically cars with non-ceramic brakes - although ceramic brakes are not immune. We’ve found the problem is most acute on cars with the original factory fitted brakes and aftermarket brake pads.

First off, we have to point out that unless your brakes are squeaking when not in use, this isn’t a safety issue, it’s just annoying, but in a car as prestigious as an Aston Martin, you don’t want anything to detract from the driving pleasure. I’m sure James Bond wouldn’t put up with it. 

If however, your brakes are squeaking when you’re not pressing the brake pedal, it’s an excellent idea to have them looked at by an Aston Martin specialist

Many Potential Causes

Now, it’s common for squeaky brakes to look good, with no sign of wear on the pads and discs, in fact, we know people often have their brake pads changed in an attempt to fix the squeaking only to find this makes no difference. We also recognise that there are many potential causes of brake squeak, but there’s a common one we’ve seen many times.

Assuming the new brake pads are fitted correctly, including the removal of all brake dust and debris, if the squeak persists it’s almost certainly being caused by a small ridge of wear on the brake discs.

Even if the discs don’t look worn, if you have this ridge, the brakes will almost certainly squeak.

It's down to both the pads and the brakes

We’ve found that the best solution is to change the discs and use good quality pads. Even though this might sound a bit drastic, it’s not a very expensive exercise, and it is guaranteed to fix the problem.

Keep your cool

So the next time you’re getting hot under the collar about the squeaky brakes on your modern Aston Martin, book it in and get the discs and pads replaced. Problem solved, and if you’d like to chat with us about that, we’re happy to give you a fixed price to carry out the work.

Finally, while we’re on the subject of Aston Martin brakes, if you’re the owner of a classic Aston, such as the V8 and the, ahem, lack of stopping power is causing you more than just a little concern, we’ve got the perfect solution.

Our Aston Martin V8 brake upgrade kits are quite simply superb and will transform your car and make it feel faster, because of the added confidence the brakes give you.

The better a car’s brakes, the later you can brake because you know the brakes are going to dop their job. It’s one of the ways a Formula 1 car gets round a track so fast, well, that and the 900 horsepower, and the carbon, and the tyres, and the downforce, and the aerodynamics. I’ll stop now.

Get the right advice and make the right choices.

By working with a specialist Aston Martin restoration company like Pugsley & Lewis, you'll get the right advice and make the right choices. Because we know these cars so well, in our view better than anyone else, we're perfectly placed to make sure you get the maximum pleasure whilst retaining and enhancing your car's value.

Please not we can't help with squeaky brakes if they're ceramic or carbon. For that, you're going to need to speak to Aston Martin.

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