Sep 04 2020

Why You Should Always Use An Aston Martin Specialist For Your Classic Restoration

Why You Should Always Use An Aston Martin Specialist For Your Classic Restoration

We make sure our customers drive more and worry less. We do that by making sure the cars we restore and repair look right, feel right and run correctly. Importantly, we do this whilst maintaining the authenticity and value of the car. This is all possible because we're a classic Aston specialist and we know Aston Martins inside out. This means we firmly believe classic Aston's should only be looked after by specialists, read on to find out why.

Bad Vibrations

Here’s an example to illustrate the point. We had a customer whose DB5 wasn’t right. There was some vibration that shouldn’t have been there, and other garages had failed to get to the bottom of the problem. We immediately knew the likely cause, and we were right.

A DB5 and DB6 gearbox mounting looks identical to a V8 engine mounting. However, they are actually very different and if one is used, as it had been, in place of the other bad things happen.

This particular car had been looked at by another garage and stripped several times in search of the annoying vibration that was spoiling the drive. They could not find the issue.

Our expertise took us straight to the problem, and we fixed it. The owner was very pleased but at the same time annoyed at spending a lot of money on failed attempts at a fix. Coming straight to the specialists would have made a lot more sense and been less expensive.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Another example is the rear oil seal on Aston Martin DB4, 5 & 6’s. If it’s not set up correctly, the car will leak oil, quite severely. Fixing the problem involves a costly engine strip, but we’ve designed a special tool that guarantees it’s right every time. No oil leaks, no unnecessary expense and yet another reason why choosing to engage with an Aston Martin expert makes so much sense.

If you buy a brand new Aston Martin, you wouldn’t consider using anyone except the main dealer to look after it. We provide the same level of expertise to owners of older and classic Astons.

Like in most specialist areas, when you trust a garage like Pugsley and Lewis to look after your car, you’re buying into years of hard-won expertise and knowledge. We know every nut, bolt and quirk of these vehicles.

aston martin ramp

Keeping Ahead

Another example of our deep understanding of these cars is on the V8 cylinder head where the distributor drive lives. We’ve got a subtle modification that helps to retain more oil to reduce noise and wear on the distributor drive. This leads to a sweeter sounding car that’s more reliable and long-lasting.

It’s a clear example of the difference between someone with engineering expertise who knows about engines, and someone with Aston Martin engine expertise.

From Screws to Stitching

Along with all our mechanical expertise, we also understand the importance of making sure these fantastic cars look right.

 DB6 aston martin interior

For example, it would be all too easy to spend a lot of money on a DB5 retrim and finish up with something that looks nice, but wrong. Even something as simple as using Phillips screws can spoil the look of the car because, for whatever reason, Aston Martin didn’t use them.

Getting the stitching right, dash tops, gauges, headlining and so on all contribute to making the car as lovely, and valuable, as it can be. Experts notice these things.

There Are Modifications ... And Modifications

Then there’s the whole issue of unnecessary modifications and over development. For example, we’ve seen DB5’s with vented discs, something these cars don’t need for two reasons - one, the brakes on a DB5 are excellent; and two, standard DB5 road tyres can’t cope with the extra stopping power of the vented discs!

In short, putting vented discs on a DB5 that’s not going to be used on a race track is not needed – the money would be better spent elsewhere. Anyone recommending this type of modification clearly doesn’t know these cars.

Contrary to this, on a 1975/76 V8, you’ve pretty much got to change the brakes to make the cars safe and drivable! Again, using our Aston Martin specialist skills, we created the perfect Aston Martin V8 brake kit.

DB5 wheel before after

Intimate Knowledge

An obvious benefit of using a specialist is the speed with which issues can be isolated and fixed because we know these cars inside out. Interestingly and somewhat perversely this was highlighted to us recently when an Aston Martin customer of ours asked us to look at his classic Bristol. It took us 30 minutes to find the battery which was hidden under a wing and accessed using a special tool that was also hidden. A Bristol specialist would have taken 2 minutes to do what took us ages!

Improvements That Make Sense

As you know, DB4’s are a favourite of ours, but there were some braking issues with these cars early on. Being the first Astons to have disc brakes they didn’t exactly get it right but it wasn’t until the DB5 and the swap from Dunlop to Girling that the problem was solved.

This means that it makes perfect sense to upgrade standard DB4 brakes to the later system used on DB5’s and DB6’s. It’s a great example of knowing what the problem areas are and the best remedy.

Familiarity Breeds Sound Knowledge And a Deep Understanding

Often, it’s the familiarity that only comes from years of driving and fixing these cars that brings the real value of using a classic Aston Martin specialist. When we test drive and debug cars, we know precisely where that rattle or funny noise is coming from, and we know how to sort it. That only comes from years and years of working on Astons and knowing all their quirks and foibles.

If your classic Aston Martin isn’t quite the joy to drive and own you think it should be, consider letting a specialist look it over. As with most things in life if you buy cheap you’ll buy twice, don’t take the risk.

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