A Full Workshop

The workshop is pretty full at the moment! And there's a good split between classic and modern cars.

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Classic Cars

We have a DB4 engine that was sent to us from a customer in Ireland. The car they restored themselves but they sent the engine to us - and the work is now almost complete. This customer came to us via another customer that we did a DB6 engine for. They sent the engine over on a crate, we took it apart, assessed it and rebuilt it. We're not sure just now whether they'll send the car over for us to put the engine in; if not, we'll put it on a framework and run it for them so that before they put it in the car - adjust the mixtures and all that sort of stuff - all they have to do is basically plug it in and turn the key. It was in a fairly poor state and they'd gone right through it to make it nice - but they entrusted us to do the engine.

DB4 GT Engine

There are a couple of DB6 Mark 2's in just now. One is in the final stages of a 2-year full restoration project. And a DB6 Mark2 from a customer in Spain is coming back shortly after a full bare metal respray to the original olive green colour; we'll put that back together. We've got some excellent DB6 Mark 2 stories in this blog post - a great read!

There's a DB6 Mark 1 that's about to go off to have the paint put on - that's had all the chassis and all the body stripped back and repairs carried out and that's now ready to go off for paint.

There's a DB4 GT that came in to have electric power steering fitted and that's just about finished. This was on top of a full service, some de-bugging - including suspension bushes etc. This was a very nice car that has been with its owner for the last 4 or 5 years that came to him with a need for some finishing work and debugging. Basically, it was a car that'd been worked on before he bought it, but he entrusted us with the final bits of work.

Modern Cars

A lot of the modern car work centres around regular work like MOTs and servicing, and other common "modern Aston" stuff such as brake checks. We have 3 or 4 cars in at the moment for this type of work. There's usually something extra added on to a service, and this week's no different. Along with a service and MOT for a V8 Vantage roadster we also did some wheel work to put in wheel spacers - this sets the wheels further outside the body. From an aesthetic point of view, it just looks a bit more sporting if the wheels are set out a bit. 

There's a nice DB9 Volante 2006 Vanquish (convertable) that's being serviced and we're also sorting out some hood problems along with resolving some electrical and computer issues.

Finally, we have also just carried out an insurance assessment of paintwork damage due to vandalism on a 1986 V8 Volante.

It was in a fairly poor state and they'd gone right through it to make it nice - but they entrusted us to do the engine.