Nov 17 2020

A good independent Aston Martin Specialist will be as at home with a Modern Car as a classic.

Using an Independent For Your Modern Car

When you purchase an Aston Martin – any Aston Martin – you're doing more than just buying a car, you're making an investment. It's a financial investment, of course, in a vehicle which is likely to grow in value over the years if it's a classic, but it's also an emotional investment.

Speaking as people who've been in love with Aston Martins for more than 40 years you might expect us to say that, but it's true of anyone who slips into that driving seat, behind that steering wheel and turns the key to spark that magnificent engine into life.

db5 restoration interior

Once you've made that investment, you'll want to protect it, and working with an independent like us is by far the best (not to mention the most cost-effective) way to do so.

We don't offer frills, leather seats and posh coffee machines, but we do get the job done every single time.

More Than Just A Service 

Look around our workshop or website, and you might be forgiven for thinking that we only work on classic Aston Martins. While we specialise in getting the most out of vehicles which have been on the road for many years if not decades, our experience and expertise means we're equally at home working on modern Aston Martins.

As a rule of thumb, every year that a modern car spends on the road makes it a little bit more likely that faults and defects will start to develop. Our hands-on, inside out knowledge of Aston Martins means that we can deal with anything a car throws at us. To put it simply, we know how to take the whole car to pieces and put it together again, only better.

That means that we know how to repair stuff by finding out why it isn't working and making it work better, rather than just replacing components and oil filters. We'll service your Aston Martin, yes, but we won't only service your Aston Martin.

Beyond The Computer

Modern cars run based on advanced and highly complex computer systems. While these systems will often give an indication that something is wrong, they're not so good at explaining exactly what the problem is. That's where independent Aston experts like us come to the fore.

We dissect and investigate the issue in-depth and time and again we discover, for example, that a malfunctioning component doesn't need replacing in full, it can be repaired.

Alternatively, our knowledge might mean that we can solve a problem by replacing one part and repairing others, rather than having to charge for perfectly serviceable components to be replaced.


Not only would main dealers struggle to match the in-depth knowledge needed to work like that, but they'd also rather not deal with some models, such as early DB7s, which can suffer from not only mechanical problems but also from corrosion.

In our experience, main dealerships are not prepared for the type of problems these cars can experience as they get older. We know how to drill out studs, deal with rusted bolts and cut out sections of rotten floor. State of the art servicing hubs are simply not geared up for that kind of work.

So, when the main dealer turns you away or turns a blind eye to growing issues and problems, you need an independent you can trust.

What You Need – No More Or Less 

Trust is at the heart of the way we work for our customers. When we service a car, we go through it from top to bottom, number plate to number plate, and we only do the work that needs to be done according to the service schedule and customer requests.

If a customer's only driven a thousand miles in a year, then we won't do much more at a service other than changing the oil and filter and the essential items required to meet the service schedule. It won't set our cash registers ringing, of course, but if it's what's needed to be done, we won't do anything more.

Personal Service

While we don't carry out unnecessary work, we do take a thorough look at the car as a whole and offer advice based on what we've learned over the years. This lets us spot things that might not be a problem right there and then but could become a problem in the next six months, and we nip that problem in the bud.

See What We Do For Yourself

Because we know how much people love their Aston Martins, we make them a part of the whole process. We don't just take their car away for a bit, we invite them into the workshop to show them underneath their car and point out exactly what we're talking about, we explain how ignoring a small issue can lead to much more significant problems which come with bigger bills. We nip those issues in the bud before they escalate.


Happy Customers 

We like to think all of our customers are happy, of course, but we can think of one in particular who was having long term problems with the alarm, lights and battery of his Aston Martin, which was a 2007 DB7.

He'd been to the main dealers who'd plugged and unplugged things and changed this and that but all to no avail. He brought the car to us and without bolting on any new components we had a look, ran some tests and made a few small changes, and all the problems were sorted.

There was also a DB7 Volante which had been serviced for many years at a main dealer but which came to us with extensive corrosion and rot, none of which had been dealt with.

We were able to deal with all of that but, if the Volante had been coming to us for servicing all those years, it would never have been allowed to rust in the first place.

A Special Relationship

While we might lack the 5-star hotel ambience of an Aston Martin main dealer, we'll make you feel just as special, and we'll involve you in the process of making your car the best it can be.

There's a reason we've been around as an independent Aston Martin specialist for over 30 years, call us for a chat about how we can start looking after your car.

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