It's All About TLC and Maintenance

We've had a fair number of paintwork projects through the door recently, some bigger than others.

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We don't see many Aston Martins with a lot of damage so the 1980s Volante we took in a short while ago, having been on the receiving end of a bit of unfriendly treatment, is unusual. Let's hope this was a rare occurence. Anyway, it's back from having the work done now and it's looking fantastic. We'll reunite the owner with this lovely car - and put the smile back on their face.

1980s Volante

Another car that's had a bit of TLC applied to the bodywork is the green DB6 Mk2 Vantage that came to us from an owner who lives in Spain. We initially rebuilt the engine on this vehicle and the owner then commissioned us to paint it. We're now in the throes of putting all the newly painted body back on - and turning it into a car again!

A couple of nice cars we've had in for service are ready to go back to their owners. Last week we picked up a lovely blue Volante for a straight-forward service. This is the fifth car we've had the pleasure to work on for this particular customer who actually owns six! It's another Volante and it's blue - but unlike the 1980s Volante we mentioned above, it's what we'd call very muscular - it looks like it's on steroids! We also have a very nice modern Aston on the ramp today that's in for its regular service and we'll be getting that out of the workshop and on the road again pretty quickly.

Blue Volante

Another vehicle in for a service is completely different to the two above. This is a beautiful grey/green DB2/4 Mk3. This car was made in the UK and originally registered in Jersey to its first owner, whose family owned it for almost 60 years. They recently sold it to our customer who's determined to keep it in the same beautifully aged condition. That means no messing about with the paint, or the interior - he just wants it mechanically sound so it can continue to be enjoyed. We'll do a complete service - check the brakes, check the suspension, and generally make sure it starts well and runs well. We'll probably check the water heating as there are signs there might be an issue with that. Once we have everything just right, we'll send it back - to be used and appreciated!

DB2/4 Mk3

It's what we'd call very muscular - it looks like it's on steroids!